Division 1  
Warriors have a new captain.
3 weeks ago
What's happened? Well, in a nutshell, the website has been rewritten.
The old website is 11 years old, showing its age and is becoming difficult to maintain and update. Everything on the old site - apart from the gallery and links pages - should be available here and should hopefully a better experience on mobile devices and tablets (which now accounts for 75% of visits to the website).
If you discover any problems, please let Pete know,
4 weeks ago
  Ladies Singles Competition  
19 ladies entered this years closely fought competition and were from Rockhampton Rams, Titbits, Persuaders, Lassies, Chaos and Hopefuls.
In the semi-finals, Trudie Barnfield (Persuaders) played against her fellow team mate Heather Brookes with Heather just beating Trudie 37 - 36.
In the other semi-final, Gill Meadows (Lassies) beat Ellen Sealey (Titbits) 42 - 38.
Half way through the final Gill got a 15 spare but Heather could not match it, which left Gill beating Heather 60 - 46.
Huge thank you to the Slimbridge RBL, staff and stickers for hosting the event.
1 month ago
  Front-Pin Knockout  
Preliminary and 1st round draws have been made. Chaos, Jack High, Ratepayers and XRs have been drawn in the Prelim round. All ties to be played by Sunday 20th January.
1 month ago
  All-in Cup  
3rd round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 23rd December.
1 month ago
  Open and Mixed Pairs Competitions  
Dates are in the diary. Please forward entrants names to the relevant competition organiser by 1st December.
Open Pairs organiser is Gilly Stook and Mixed Pairs organiser is Kath Clements.
October 2018
  Ladies Singles Competition  
Please note that the competition will be played over one weekend:
Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December 2018 at Slimbridge RBL starting at 7pm.
Entrants to Gilly Stook ASAP please.
September 2018
  Premier Division  
Old Muckers have withdrawn from the league.
August 2018
Fixtures for 2018/19 season are now available.
August 2018
Minutes from AGM held on 13th June 2018 are now available.
July 2018


Prem Moscow Dynamos 1522
Bridgetown 1422
Div 1 Warriors 1428
Wurzels 1424
Div 2 Allsorts 1420
Fizz Kids 1316
Dirty Turkeys 1316
Div 3 Raggedass Rangers 1528
Slimbridge LSC 1528
Div 4 Synwell B 1526
Rockhampton Rams 1522
Rogues 1522
Div 5 Lobitanhope 1524
Cheers 4 Beers 1522
Pamdemonium 1522


past events
Mon 3rd September
League season starts
Sun 14th October
DEADLINE for All-in Cup 1st round ties
Sun 25th November
DEADLINE for All-in Cup 2nd round ties
Sat 1st December
DEADLINE for entries into the Open Pairs and Mixed Pairs competitions
Sat 8th December
Ladies Singles Competition [1/2]
Slimbridge RBL
Sun 9th December
Ladies Singles Competition [2/2]
Slimbridge RBL
Sun 23rd December
DEADLINE for All-in Cup 3rd round ties
Sun 6th January
DEADLINE for first-half outstanding league games
Mon 7th January
League season second-half starts
Sat 19th January
Open Pairs Competition [1/2]
Slimbridge RBL
Sun 20th January  (today)
Open Pairs Competition [2/2]
Slimbridge RBL
Sun 20th January  (today)
DEADLINE for Front-pin Knockout Preliminary and 1st round ties
Sun 24th February  (+ 1 month)
Mixed Pairs Competition [1/3]
Slimbridge RBL
Sun 3rd March
Mixed Pairs Competition [2/3]
Slimbridge RBL
Sun 10th March
Mixed Pairs Competition [3/3]
Slimbridge RBL
Fri 19th April
End of regular season
Fri 3rd May
DEADLINE for second-half outstanding league games (results to be in asap)
Wed 12th June
Presentations (7.30pm) and AGM / Registration (8pm)
Dockers Club