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Headquarters: Sharpness Dockers Sports & Welfare Association, The Docks, Sharpness, Gloucestershire, GL13 9UN
The League covers an area in south Gloucestershire midway between Bristol and Gloucester
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How to complete a scoresheet

A few points to follow when completing a scoresheet:

Sample Scoresheet

1. The division or cup competition at the top of the page.

2. Home team, away team and date.

3. Forenames used to avoid confusion where two or more registered players have same initial and surname. Bear in mind that for these players the forename should always be entered even if only one is playing on the night - the results secretary needs to determine which player appeared in order to monitor top scores, high spares and high scores without a spare.

4. Spares highlighted or boxed - helps when looking for high spares and spareless high scores.

5. Total column used to accumulate Player's Total scores so that...

6. ...cumulative scores across and down reconcile indicating that there are unlikely to be errors in addition.

7. Signed by captain (or acting captain) of both teams.

The home team is responsible for forwarding the scoresheet (either the original or a scanned copy) to the relevant results secretary within 7 days (see Rule 13).
posted 22/01/2012