The committee of the Berkeley and District Skittles League has with regret taken the extraordinary decision to cease the skittles season with immediate effect.

As the national crisis with regards to Covid-19 escalates, it is now foreseeable that the final six weeks of the league season are unlikely to be fully completed without significant disruption – if at all. We have a duty to you all to ensure that our competitions do not unduly place your health at risk, by requiring the completion of outstanding fixtures. There are a significant number of skittlers who will be in vulnerable groups, due to age and underlying medical conditions. Whilst this is the removal of a hugely enjoyable recreational, social and competitive activity, and we are sure there will be some disagreement in this decision – skittles is not a matter of ‘life or death’. Sadly, this virus will be.

It is our decision that the 2019/20 season is declared null and void. There will be no trophies awarded, no promotion or relegations, no completion of the cup competitions. All teams will be re-entered for the 2020/21 season without cost.

We are very conscious that there is also a significant effect to those pubs and clubs who host us and provide facilities for skittles. Their livelihood is directly affected by this decision and we encourage you to frequent their premises if you are in good health during this difficult time.

Finally, may we wish you all and your families good health during this difficult period and pray that we can all re-engage for the AGM in the summer.

The Committee
13th March 2020


League Officer(s) Required 2020/21
Gilly will be stepping down as Secretary, Ladies Singles and Open Pairs competitions organiser at this year's AGM so the league will be looking to fill the three posts.
If you can consider filling any/all of these posts, please feel free to contact Gilly to find out what each role involves.
Open Pairs Competition
Despite few entrants to this season's competition held at the Dockers Club we had a great evening. It was good to see some new pairings enter this year - Adam Yemm and Keith Driver along with Tricia Morse and Lindsey Driver from the Wanderers, Dan Thornhill and Shaun Spill from Raggedass Rangers also Nigel and Alex Evans from Tearaways.
Some find the Dockers Club a hard alley to play on but spares came from Gilly Stook (13) Tim Thorne (10) Keith Rugman (13, 11 and a 14 in the final) Trevor Thorne (12 and a missed spare in the final) and Keith Driver (missed spare).
In one semi-final Tim Thorne and Keith Rugman (Fusiliers) beat Dan Thornhill and Shaun Spill (Raggedass Rangers) 91 - 67 and in the other semi Trevor and Martin Thorne (Fusiliers) beat Linzi Moulder and Mo McIntyre (Hopefuls) 77 - 67.
In the final Tim and Keith beat fellow team mates Trevor and Martin 109 - 100.
Thanks go to the Dockers Club for hosting the event and to Nathan for sticking up.
January 2020
Ladies Singles Competition
Thinking a change of competition alley to the Dockers Club Sharpness would attract more entrants - sadly it did not and only 12 players entered this season's competition.
One each from Rockhampton Rams, Warriors and Dominoes, six from Hopefuls and three from Persuaders. The competition was close in all rounds. In the semi finals Gill Meadows (Warriors) beat Jenni Noble (Rockhampton Rams) 41 - 40 and Sam Tarr (Persuaders) beat Gilly Stook (Hopefuls) 51 - 50.
In the final Gill beat Sam 56 - 50 and won the competition for the second year running.
Thanks go to the Dockers Club and sticker for hosting the event.
November 2019


P Bridgetown 2333
Wannabees 2332
Better Half 2332
1 Rebels 1929
Rangers 2128
Boars Head 2028
2 Raggedass Rangers 1930
Happy Shambles 1926
Foxhunters 1826
3 Double Five 2234
Haymakers 2226
Undesirables 2326
4 No Opers 2140
Not a Clue 2129
5 Astonians 2134
Staggareds 2234


past events
Mon 2nd September
League season starts
October 2019
Sun 13th October
DEADLINE for All-in Cup Preliminary round ties
Sun 20th October
DEADLINE for Front-pin Knockout 1st round ties
November 2019
Sat 16th November
Ladies Singles Competition 7pm
Dockers Club
Sun 24th November
DEADLINE for All-in Cup 1st round ties
December 2019
Sun 8th December
DEADLINE for Front-pin Knockout 2nd round ties
Sun 5th January
DEADLINE for first-half outstanding league games
Mon 6th January
League season second-half starts
Sun 12th January
DEADLINE for All-in Cup 2nd round ties
Sat 18th January
Open Pairs Competition 7pm
Dockers Club
Sun 26th January
DEADLINE for Front-pin Knockout Quarter Final ties
Sun 23rd February
DEADLINE for All-in Cup Quarter Final ties
Sun 23rd February
Front-pin Knockout Semi Finals
AGM / Registration 8pm
Dockers Club