Front-Pin Knockout
Draw for the quarter finals of the Front-Pin Knockout has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 26th January.
1 week ago
All-in Cup
2nd round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 12th January.
2 weeks ago
Open Pairs Competition
This year the competition will take place on the Dockers Club.
Please note dates and starting times:
Saturday 18th January from 7pm and Sunday 19th January from 2pm.
Saturday 1st February from 7pm and Sunday 2nd February from 2pm
3 weeks ago
Ladies Singles Competition
Thinking a change of competition alley to the Dockers Club Sharpness would attract more entrants - sadly it did not and only 12 players entered this season's competition.
One each from Rockhampton Rams, Warriors and Dominoes, six from Hopefuls and three from Persuaders. The competition was close in all rounds. In the semi finals Gill Meadows (Warriors) beat Jenni Noble (Rockhampton Rams) 41 - 40 and Sam Tarr (Persuaders) beat Gilly Stook (Hopefuls) 51 - 50.
In the final Gill beat Sam 56 - 50 and won the competition for the second year running.
Thanks go to the Dockers Club and sticker for hosting the event.
3 weeks ago
Player Registrations
Would captains please check their player registration list to ensure all their players are signed on (especially those that "have played for us for years"!).
Per Rule 18, if you play an unregistered player your opposing team will automatically be awarded the points for that match.
You can sign on new players on up to 8pm on the night of a match.
October 2019


P Bridgetown 1421
Artists 1418
Better Half 1318
1 Boars Head 1018
Rangers 1016
2 Foxhunters 1014
Happy Shambles 1014
Raggedass Rangers 914
3 Double Five 1218
Haymakers 1216
Leftovers 1216
4 No Opers 1122
Rogues 1316
5 Staggareds 1322
Pamdemonium 1218


past events
Mon 2nd September
League season starts
Sun 13th October
DEADLINE for All-in Cup Preliminary round ties
Sun 20th October
DEADLINE for Front-pin Knockout 1st round ties
Sat 16th November
Ladies Singles Competition 7pm
Dockers Club
Sun 24th November
DEADLINE for All-in Cup 1st round ties
Sun 8th December
DEADLINE for Front-pin Knockout 2nd round ties
January 2020
Sun 5th Januaryin 2+ weeks
DEADLINE for first-half outstanding league games
Mon 6th Januaryin 2+ weeks
League season second-half starts
Sun 12th Januaryin 3+ weeks
DEADLINE for All-in Cup 2nd round ties
Sat 18th Januaryin 4+ weeks
Open Pairs Competition [1/4] 7pm
Dockers Club
Sun 19th Januaryin 4+ weeks
Open Pairs Competition [2/4] 2pm
Dockers Club
Sun 26th Januaryin 5+ weeks
DEADLINE for Front-pin Knockout Quarter Final ties
February 2020
Sat 1st Februaryin 6+ weeks
Open Pairs Competition [3/4] 7pm
Dockers Club
Sun 2nd Februaryin 6+ weeks
Open Pairs Competition [4/4] 2pm
Dockers Club
Sun 23rd February
DEADLINE for All-in Cup Quarter Final ties
Sun 23rd February PROVISIONAL
Front-pin Knockout Semi Finals
March 2020
Sun 15th March PROVISIONAL
All-in Cup Semi Finals
Sun 29th March PROVISIONAL
April 2020
Fri 17th April
End of regular season
Sun 26th April PROVISIONAL
May 2020
Fri 1st May
DEADLINE for second-half outstanding league games (results to be in asap)
June 2020
Wed 10th June
Presentations 7.30pm and AGM / Registration 8pm
Dockers Club